From The Bar Top.

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It’s no secret how much I enjoy going to bars and eating out at restaurants.  Of course I can list multiple reasons why I should make more effort to stay in, but sitting in a crowded pub surrounded by the low, steady roar of chatter… it’s what brings me joy.  I love being amidst the hustle and bustle.  As you can guess, I’m a huge fan of music festivals, county fairs, street markets, Vegas. I take great pleasure in getting lost in the crowd.  It’s a live, pulsating, electric blanket.  I’m comforted by the movement.

And San Diego in the Summertime is an amazing place for events of all kind.  There is no shortage of music concerts, festivals, theater shows, beach parties, foodie events, markets, sports games, etc.  You’ll find yourself looking for down time instead of something to do!  My regular household chores often take a backseat to, well, anything else if the sun’s still out.  Okay, even when it’s not.

Here is a glimpse of a typical night out:  enter pub or restaurant, find two seats at the bar top, order drink of choice, lean back and take in my surroundings.  In other words, people-watch.  What also happens 99% of the time in that bar seat is my neurotic compulsion to take photos of everything and nothing.  Below are pics from my very regular point-of-view.

Our first beers as San Diego residents. OB Noodle House, Ocean Beach.

A Moscow Mule: vodka, ginger beer and lime. A new favorite.

I heart JJ.