Cheers 2014! On To The Next One..

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Far From What I Once Was But Not Yet What I'm Going To Be

Happy (Almost) New Year!!  Enjoying these last hours of 2014 by sitting and thinking about what’s most important to me.  I was able to spend much of the holidays with family this year, and it’s only when the house is empty again that I realize how much they mean to me.  Feeling extremely blessed and lucky, and hoping to remember that and be thankful every day of 2015.

2014 is going to be a tough one to beat, but I’m hoping this year brings some new adventures to my life!  Big and small.  A few of my unofficial resolutions are:

1)  To look for ways to grow, learn, and find the best version of myself.

2)  Do my best to be “in” the moment versus constantly planning ahead.

3)  Judge less, give more, and see others for what they truly are.  Not just what I expect them to be.

These are lofty resolutions, I know, but there’s no harm in aiming high, right?!  OH, and I also resolve to take more photos with my fancy-schmancy camera that I still haven’t quite mastered using.  Reeallllyy gonna try hard for this one too.

We’ve been pretty busy these past few months – – um, with the purchase of our FIRST HOME together!!  Happened a little quicker than we anticipated, but that’s pretty typical when it’s love at first sight.  After viewing the listing photos online, the tour of the house just solidified our gut feeling.  We LOVED it.  And after months of open houses and home tours, we finally found our humble abode.  Our family and friends’ reactions were a mixed bag.  I think most of them expected us back in Washington State eventually, but San Diego has definitely made its mark.  Never say never, but we’re planning to stay awhile.

Some of my favorites since last time ~

Home Sweet Home.
Home Sweet Home.












Holiday Favorites! Elf and our baby Christmas tree.
Holiday Favorites! Elf and our baby Christmas tree.




NFC West Champions! Go Hawks!
NFC West Champions!  GO HAWKS.

Below is a sneak peek of a little project we completed last weekend!  And by little I mean, what we originally thought would be a 2-day project turned into 4 (four!) before we knew it.  BUT, it was totally worth it.  Idea found on Pinterest and pinned on my “homebody.” board here; original idea from Thrifty&Chic.  Full post to come!


Wishing love and laughter to you and yours in 2015.  Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year’s Eve!

xo Joanna