Business Casual.


The dress code for my current job is “business casual.”  To be perfectly honest, I had (okay, have) no idea what this means.  I came from a work environment which was very “business professional.”  Suits, jackets, tights, heels.  Daily.  That’s what I knew.  I didn’t hit the professional mark every day – – totally admit that, but at least I knew when I was slacking.  Now I’m a little unclear where the attire bar lies.  This was one attempt at business casual last week.

Coral Boyfriend Khakis: The Gap | Wedges: Nine West

It helps that it’s consistently between 72F-78F everyday, so I couldn’t wear my usual Seattle layers if I wanted to.  I wouldn’t make it from my front door to my car without melting.  Not sure what I’m going to do when Fall comes and my wardrobe doesn’t change.  No cute wool coats?  No suede knee-high boots?  Cable-knit sweaters?  Shearling?  I’m aware this isn’t a world crisis, and believe me I wish I didn’t love clothes as much as I do, but I’m not gonna lie to kick it.  I’m a little devastated to lose the brisk air, dewy mornings, and sometimes rainy Fall weather and justify some new wardrobe pieces.