Keep Palm and Carry On.


Closing in on five weeks in San Diego and I already can’t imagine my life without palm trees.  On my drive to work, heading to the store, running along the neighborhood streets – – they are everywhere.  And I love them.  When their image is synonymous with beach vacations, exploring tropical lands, Corona commercials… what’s not to love?

Sunset Cliffs, Ocean Beach
San Clemente, CA
My sunroof has never seen so much action.

Took a spontaneous day trip to Rosarito, Mexico and found an awesome roadside taco stand.  Tacos = amazing.  Four hour wait at the border to get back into CA = NOT amazing.  I have to give it to the vendors tending between cars at the border though – – anything you could ever want is within reach while you wait.  Forgot a present for your kid?  Hello Kitty backpack.  Forgot a present for your sports-loving brother?  Jerseys available for any MLB, NBA, or NFL team you want.  Uber-religious friend of the family?  Framed picture of The Last Supper, with gold filigree.  Don’t waste time at the gift shops.

Rosarito, Mexico

Fourth of July fireworks in Ocean Beach.  What you can’t see is that there were at least 30 surfers out on the water, watching the show on their boards.  Beyond cool.


A few more photos of life these past five weeks~

The Hopping Pig Gastropub. Downtown San Diego.

The Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey

San Clemente, CA

Out and about on a Saturday night.  They knew I was coming.