Something Old. Something New.


I’ve never been much of a “do-it-yourself”-er, but I needed a new tank top the other day.  Still unaccustomed to the continuous sunny weather, I’ve exhausted the rest of my tanks and tees.  So I did what any female in the present culture would do – – I went to Pinterest.  As previously mentioned, I don’t typically reach too deep into my pockets when it comes to shopping for clothes.  Splurges are usually saved for accessories:  jewelry, watches, wallets, purses, and the like.  When it comes to clothes, I’m too fickle to drop multiple dollar signs on one item.  So I decided to look at what I already had in my closet.  One of my best friends, Lindsay, gave me some Seattle t-shirts as a gag gift when we left for San Diego.  As much as I adore oversized, crew-cut Men’s t-shirts, I thought I could spare one for a DIY experiment.

For the past few months on Pinterest I’d seen tutorials on creating loose-fitting, racer-back tank tops from oversized tees.  I searched for the same and found an easy tutorial by “glintzy” on YouTube.  I liked the look of her finished product and decided to follow her instructions.  Below are pictures from my end result.

A few things I’ll do differently next time:

  • Buy scissors made for cutting fabric:  I was in a rush and used a pair of household scissors.  I wasn’t able to cut as precisely as I wanted, and the edges weren’t as clean.
  • Cut the straps slightly more narrow to obtain a “stringy”effect.
  • Try the t-shirt on before you cut, to determine how low you want the neckline to be.
  • Play with the height of the back tie-off to change the fit.

You can find the YouTube tutorial here: