Wedding Planning: The Early Days

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I’ll be the first to admit that I am a “girly girl.”  I love clothes, shopping, flowers, and puppies.  I wear pink, love things that sparkle, and coo over cute babies.  You would think that planning a wedding would be easy for me.  But I can honestly say I’ve never given much thought to the type of wedding I wanted.

I often swoon over other couples’ wedding and engagement photos, but strictly from a spectator’s standpoint.  Now that I’m engaged, I envy the girls who’ve dreamt of their weddings since they were ten and kept scrapbooks of ideas for “The Big Day.”  Unfortunately, I’m starting from square one.

{Side note:  Engaged life is pretty awesome.  No major differences from pre-engaged life, except I get to wear my gorgeous ring every day and conversations with the guy now often lead to wedding talk.  I also get to use the term fiance, which I’m not sure will ever come out naturally, but it kinda kicks boyfriend‘s ass.}

The early days of wedding planning have already been a bit stressful.  I can see how the guest list alone could cause a couple to lose to their minds.  If it was up to me, Michael and I would elope (sorry Mom & Dad!).  It’s about the marriage after all, right?  Not the wedding.  I don’t need all the fancy for one day; just the love all the days after.  BUT, that said, we do like to party.  So a wedding and reception will be necessary.  We have some major decisions to make, and soon!

Here are some early wedding loves I’ve found.  All, some, or none of these may make it to the final day, but they are beautiful to look at all the same~

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Pinterest > Weddings