All You Need Is LOVE.

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After a year of planning, we’re finally MARRIED!!  Thank goodness!  This past year has been the craziest, happiest, most stressful times of my life, but it was all worth it when the 22nd arrived.  Even this last week has been a whirlwind with the last of friends and family departing, cleaning house, and leaving for a quick mini-moon to Valle de Guadalupe in the Baja region of Mexico.

Michael and I are so lucky.  Two of the luckiest people I know.  We had family and friends fly in from all over the country (the world, even!) to attend our wedding and felt more love than I could have ever imagined.  It’s a strange, special thing… when people gather to celebrate you and your partner as a couple.  It’s not often you hear how other people view your life together.  And it was gratifying to hear that our relationship is viewed as I hoped it would be; full of love, admiration, and respect .  We were even humbled to learn that our relationship “inspires.”  I must have been beaming with happiness and pride all day.  I know the wedding is just the beginning to the marriage, but what an amazing way to start it off.  To celebrate with most of the people you love and who love you back – – hands down, the best day of my life.

What you may not understand until you become a bride, however, is the NERVES on the morning of the wedding day!!  No matter how much people tried to warn me, I couldn’t have imagined how I felt in the limo on my way to the ceremony.  Envision a year’s worth of anxiety from dreaming of, planning, and coordinating one day… <peaking> on a five minute ride to the ceremony location.  Thank God my dad was in the car with me to hold my hand.  I don’t think I’ll ever be that nervous again.  Ever.  What I also didn’t expect is the moment that made it all go away.  The second I saw Michael’s smiling face at the end of the aisle, I was almost immediately at ease.  He almost made me laugh he was smiling so big!  I assumed I’d start crying as soon as I saw him, but it was exactly the opposite.  Which is perfectly fitting.

My brother, Brian, was gracious enough to officiate our wedding ceremony at our request.  Michael and I are non-denominational when it comes to religion, so my brother was the perfect person for the job.  He loves and respects us both together and as individuals, so we couldn’t think of a better officiant.  I recently re-read his narrative (as I definitely missed some parts during the actual ceremony) and he made his big sister incredibly thankful and proud.  There was so much love and thought put into each piece; it made the entire experience that much more special.  Not to mention we had a queued “SEA-HAWKS” chant mid-ceremony.  Best. Story. Ever.

We also chose not to have a bridal party or groomsmen, but my best friends, Layla and Lindsay, came to the rescue that week.  Helping me with everything from meeting the rental company on the day of, coordinating set up at the reception location, and fixing a last minute dress crisis (!!!).  I couldn’t have done it without them.

Here are some sneak peek photos from our talented photographer, Stephanie Fong {Stephanie Fong Photography} ~






More to come about our DIY reception centerpieces, table arrangements, giveaways, signage, etc.!  My crafty side got the best of me (surprise, surprise).  Coming soon!